Current Projects

2021 – 2023         Inclusive Design  -  Alfreton Park Community School

I am leading on the design of this co-creative project brings together a student team from University of Derby with the students of a Special Needs School in Alfreton, to develop an interactive public art work and a series of interventions. 

2020 – 2021         Backnang West 2050 (Caring Town)

I was invited by Scott Brownrigg Architects, Macfarlane + Associates Landscape Architects and the Design Research Unit to join an interdisciplinary design team to submit a competition entry for the regeneration of Backnang West in Southern Germany, which will become part of the International Building Exhibition in 2027. From an international field, the project was selected to progress to the development and exhibition stage alongside a range of major architectural practices. My role is to articulate the overarching creative, cultural and economic strategy which underpins the architectural and technical submission and to envision the transformation of the town in the context of the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.


2019 – 2022         Searching for the Miraculous.

International residency (2019) and exhibition (2022) curated by Elizabeth Withstandley and Westen Charles and hosted by Bill Drummond and Zippy Kearney. My own contribution draws on Calvino’s Invisible Cities, Beckett’s language and landscape and the narratives derived from the everyday in North Antrim, to create a video and interactive performance work.




2017        The Body of Design: Process as Communion in Community and Environment Change.

In Lee et al. (eds), Cumulus 33/10 Open Design for E-Very-Thing, Cumulus ISBN 978-952-60-0080-0


2008        [G]hosts in the Frame  -  Marking the Periphery,

inCecchetto et al. (eds.), Collision: Inter-arts Practice and Research, Cambridge Scholars Press (2008)


2001        The Degenerate Art Book (Arnolfini) ISBN: 0 907738 67 2

Haunting Contemporary Culture, in Hawthorn, M., (ed), 2001, Degenerate Art Book, Bristol: Arnolfini

Published by Arnolfini, funded by the Arts Council of England.


1999               Truancies

in Little, M.(ed.), (2000), In Violence, parallax, London: Taylor & Francis, ISSN no. 1353-4654




Conference Workshops & Presentations


2022        Uncertain Art School  -  workshop for the ELIA Academy


2020        Schema – critical pedagogy and creative visualisation, workshop for the Florida Writing Programme, University of Florida, USA


2020        Experiential Design as Public Pedagogy, paper to the Architecture, Media, Politics, Society conference on Experiential Design at Florida State University, USA


2019        Design as Mindset, keynote panel for the International Conference on Applied Education, Technology and Innovation, THEi, Hong Kong


2016        The Body of Design: Process as Communion for Community and Environmental Change, paper presented to Cumulus, Open Design for E-Very-Thing, Hong Kong Design Institute.


2015        Invited Speaker on Performance Art, Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition, York.


2013        The Pathetic Landscape and the Infinite Archive, paper and video installation presented at Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts, University of Winchester.


2013        Multimodal Dialogic Assessment, paper on the HEA funded pedagogic research project presented to Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts, University of Winchester.


2012        Scaffolding Innovation, paper presented to Designs on E-Learning, University of the Arts: London.


2012        Seeds of Pathos, artist talk and screening of Mercier and Camier at International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA), Hispanic Cultural Center: Albuquerque, New Mexico


2012        Pervasive Performance and Pedagogy, workshop delivered at European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) Teachers Academy, Faculty of Fine Art: University of Porto.


2012        Pathetic Landscape, paper presented to Performance Studies International at University of Leeds


2012        Scaffolding Innovation, paper presented to the staff panel of the British Conference of Undergraduate Research, University of Central Lancashire, UK.      


2011        Developing Authentic Writing in Art & Design, paper presented to the staff panel of the British Conference of Undergraduate Research, University of Central Lancashire, UK.


2010        Arteries of Imagination, paper on river landscapes presented at English Association of Pennsylvania State Universities Annual Conference A River Runs Through US, Lock Haven, USA.


2009        “Untitled”, Paper drawing on Derrida and Burger to consider the role of the title in the framing of art practice as research presented at Practice as Research Conference, Central School of Speech & Drama, London.


2008        Shanty  -  a mythology of placemaking

Monitoring Scenography Conference at Zurich University of the Arts.


2007        Shanty  -  Extemporising Space into Place

Imaging Place, Invent-L Conference at the University of Florida.


2006    [G]hosts in the Frame  -  Marking the Periphery  

Collision Symposium at the University of Victoria, Canada.



Projects, Commissions and Grants


2015 -  2016            Erewash Mysteries  (Environmental Consultation)

Competitive tender funded by Natural England.

Arts led public engagement proiect, utilising a social design approach to interpret use and value in the Erewash Valley. The project developed a phone based digital game and participatory art installation and workshops constructing narrative maps of the knowledge attitudes and practices towards the environment of a post industrial valley. The project resulted in a report and design guide to inform the future development process.


July 2014                Everything there is to be known

Commissioned by York Curiouser, collaboration with the River Foss Society.

A large scale public art event to animate the River Foss in York.


June 2014              Angels and Pins

Commissioned for the York Festival of Ideas.

Interactive work using pervasive game technology to enable audiences to investigate the social and environmental structures of the City through a mystery game.  


Sept 2012               Mercier & Camier

Video works presented at ISEA in Albuquerque USA, in response to the technological construction of the landscape of New Mexico


Apr 2012                 Regulus

Video performance, commissioned for the Low Lives Networked Performance Festival. Streamed live to 27 art institutions (USA, France, Trinidad, Columbia, Australia, Aruba, Norway, Japan). 


2011 – 2016            Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Consultancy focused on landscape interpretation, developed to include the development of a Heritage Lottery Funded Masters student in Residence scheme at Attenborough Nature Reserve.


Dec 2011                Euphemia

Video work created in the landscape and seascape of Gozo, responding to the context of trade, salt and Europe’s southern border with Africa


Aug 2011                Let’s Go.

Video work created in response to landscape of Murlough Bay, Ulster,


Jul 2011                  Tut Tut

Video work created for Spalford Warren, a Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust a former MOD chemical weapons site and a fragile landscape in Nottinghamshire.


Oct 2010                Susquehanna Shanty

Durational performance & video work commissioned for EAPSU, Lock Haven, PA


2009 – 2010            Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School Creative Curriculum

This 9 month creative curriculum project, commissioned by Creative Partnerships, engaged students as partners to maximise the benefit of social time, both in school and through wider social networking.


June 2007              Shanty Town

Site specific work commissioned by Natural House for Architecture Week at the Festival of Extreme Building, Birmingham


2006 – 2008            Trent Vale Landscape Partnership

This consultancy developed a narrative mapping methodology for the audience development plan for the Trent Vale Landscape Partnership’s successful Heritage Lottery Fund Bid for a 3 year £2.6 million project focusing on the environmental, cultural and economic development of the landscape.


May 2007               Artery - The Trent Map (Bonington Gallery, NTU)

Curatorial project and exhibition alongside the start of the consultancy with the Trent Vale Landscape Partnership consultancy.

7 artists residencies responded to the context of an industrial river.


Feb 2007                Shanty – Florida Research Residency

Short research residency in Northern Florida into the significance and meaning of the Suwannee River, and the way that mythologies of the landscape are deployed as the building blocks of communities.


July 2006 Shanty

Site Specific Performance commissioned by Art Surgery for the Jubilee Pool in Penzance.


Oct 2004                 Haunt

Residency and Performance commissioned for 7a*11d festival in Toronto


May 2003               g[host]

Interactive augmented reality video work commissioned for the Radiator Festival of New Technology Art, Nottingham.


2003                        Narrative Mapping

Consultancy project in the Nottinghamshire Coalfields, working with a group of young people to map their experiences of the environment  into a planning document which can be used to aid the public planning process.


May 2001               Truancies VIII at Victoria Baths

Performance commissioned by Arnolfini for Victoria Baths in Manchester, by Arnolfini

Supported by Arts Council of England through the Visual Arts Touring Projects Fund.


Feb 2001                Truancies VII at inbetweentime

Performance for inbetweentime festival, at Arnolfini in Bristol.


Nov 2000                Truancies VI (Bound) at Bonington Gallery

Video Installation commissioned by Arnolfini for Bonington Gallery, Nottingham. Supported by Arts Council of England through the Visual Arts Touring Projects Fund


Aug 2000                Truancies V at the Manege, St Petersburg

Two Performances commissioned for the Festival of Performance & Experimental Art, St Petersburg, Russia.


Aug 2000                Truancies IV at Ifficial Art

Performance commissioned by Ifficial Art for the Staatgarten, Köln, Germany.


April 2000               Truancies III at Arnolfini.

Performance series commissioned by Arnolfini, for Bristol Docks.

Supported by Arts Council of England through the Visual Arts Touring Projects Fund


July 1999 Truancies II at Ifficial Art

Performance commissioned for the Staatgarten by Ifficial Art, Köln, Germany. Supported by Arts Council of England, Live Art Research & Development Grant.


Feb 1998                 Subverting Space (Nottingham City Centre)

Site Specific Arts Festival & Symposium on artistic subversion of public spaces across a range of locations in Nottingham City Centre. This involved 15 artists / speakers including Roland Miller, Andre Stitt, Phil Collins, Otiose, Roddy Hunter, Jordan McKenzie.


Oct 1996                Contrition Project.

Installation and Durational Performance commissioned by Now ’96 Festival for the Byard Gallery, Nottingham.


Nov 1995                Project Nomad

Performance & Installation  -  commissioned by Expo ’95

Winner of British Telecom / East Midlands Arts Innovation Award.


July 1995                Sub-Verse

Interactive Installation  -  commissioned by the Applied Derrida conference at the University of Luton.


Dec 1994     “Fugitive Vision” 

Curator, Organiser & Contributor  -  Art Event, The Magazine: Leicester.

Financially supported by East Midlands Arts.


1994                        Mammoth

Performance presented at Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester;  Institute of Contemporary Arts, London;  Expo ’94, Nottingham.